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Mental Health Recovery Boosters
*New Book!*

A book of inspiration and reflection designed to move readers from mental illness to mental wellness. The 68 short but powerful essays stand alone with messages of encouragement and personal accountability. Based on lessons the author learned during her journey out of mental illness, the essays encourage readers to reflect on daily choices and mental habits that affect their mental wellness. The author discovered during her own journey that what she needed was an attitude shift - a shift from illness to wellness in order to sustain her recovery.

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“What I have learned over the years is the power of one's beliefs. We have all heard of the self-fulfilling prophecy - if you think you can or you think you can't, you prove yourself right on either side. Why? You build your reality upon thoughts you agree are true. Also, you have it within your power to tap into two universal laws: The Laws of Intention and Attraction. Once you set your intention to mental wellness, providence takes over and you attract experiences and opportunities to live the life you created with your intentions.”

- Carol A. Kivler, Author

Readers are encouraged to thumb through the book until they feel the urge to stop and read. Each thought-provoking essay is accompanied by a question that encourages readers to look more deeply into patterns that may be affecting their recovery from mental illness. Space is provided to jot down important insights. Attention to wellness can make a big difference in dealing with a mental illness, and answering the questions helps transfer the commitment of wellness into one's own life.

This powerful book will inspire you to hold yourself accountable for your own mental wellness. When you take the time to reflect on the essays and questions, you will be setting your wellness intentions out into the universe to manifest the life you were meant to live.

The ABC's of Recovery from Mental Illness

The idea for a handy-pocket guide of recovery strategies has bloomed over the last several years as I spoke to both individuals with mental illness and their loved ones. During those conversations, the topic of how to stay in recovery for longer periods was one of the top discussion points.

Between the covers of this guide are 26 strategies that have been helpful in my own recovery journey. Just remember that no two mental health journeys are identical.

Find the combination of strategies that work best for you, and even add a few of your own. Our collective goal is to sustain recovery.

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Will I Ever Be the Same Again? Transforming the Face of ECT

An Award-Winning Finalist in the Health: Psychology/Mental Health category of the "Best Books 2010" Awards, sponsored by USA Book News.

Twenty years ago, I went through the first of four terrifying acute depressive episodes that took me to my knees and changed my life forever. That may sound very bleak, but it is not meant to.

Read More of the Preface...

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Will I Ever Be the Same Again? Testimonials

"If you have ever had depression, have a family member with depression, treated a patient with depression or worked on an inpatient unit with depressed people this book is a must read. Carol's firsthand account of her illness is frank, touching, insightful and informative and clearly shows that depression is not just a diagnosis, but has a person attached to it, whose feelings are often overlooked."
- Joel L. Schwartz M.D., Emeritus Chairman, Dept. of Psychiatry, Abington Memorial Hospital

"Carol Kivler's writing, like her public speaking, invites others to join her inspiring journey of recovery. Through entering into her experience, others are empowered to face their own struggles with hope and courage. I thank Carol for opening our eyes to the transformation of her life from illness to recovery with the healing power of ECT. I look forward to hearing of the many people whose lives will also be transformed through reading this book!"
- Sally T. Osmer, MDiv, LCSW, Executive Director, NAMI, Mercer, NJ

"Carol's courageous message confirms what I have always believed about the life changing effects of ECT. I am thrilled that she has shared her personal experience in such an honest and informative manner, so that others may benefit from this beneficial but often misunderstood treatment option."
- Kathy Dempsey, Former Director of Psychiatric Services, Memorial Health Care System

"The 'Courageous Recovery Wellness Model' (described in the book) is the consumer's much needed rope climb out of depression's pit of hell. Inspiring, easy to read, and chock full of sound information for consumers, their loved ones, and health care providers, this small treasure has humbled me and changed my own perspective of the illness that has invaded the lives of those I love."
- Lynette Landing, Owner, Landing by Choice Professional Services

Blessings: My Journal of Gratitude

This beautiful book will become your treasured companion. A companion for you to capture your own blessings on paper. Writing in this interactive journal is a heartfelt way to preserve your recollections and move more deeply into self-reflection.

Carol's journal is a combination of her inspiring words, captivating watercolors, and thought provoking questions. This journal is the perfect gift for a special woman in your life.

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