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• Raising Mental Health Awareness
• Instilling Hope
• Combating Mental Health Stigma

Carol Kivler will help you enter the world of depression through a patient’s perspective. Through her various presentations she will share her personal experience with four major, intensive bouts of depression; what she needed and continues to need from her family, friends, colleagues, and her treatment team; and how she dealt with the stigma that haunted her for the first eight years of her illness.

Mental Health Recovery Boosters!
The ABCs of Recovery from Mental Illness
Women and Depression
Putting the Face of Hope on Depression
Demystifying ECT: What You Don’t See in the Movies
Don't Tell Anyone I’ve Had ECT - It’s My Secret
The Other Side of Psychosis
The Darkest Moments of Depression

Carol’s presentations are available as a keynote (30 - 90 minutes) or as an extended workshop (3 hours)

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“Thank you for speaking to us and telling us your story. Your presentation made a real impact on the researchers here. I have had nothing but positive comments from many of my co-workers about your presentation.”
Albert Uveges - Wyeth Research

“Every time Carol recounts her own experiences with mental illness and recovery she demonstrates that people who have mental illness can and do recover and live productive lives. By standing up and speaking out, Carol is breaking the stigma surrounding mental illness, one audience at a time.”
Jerry Lindauer - Executive Director, NAMI-Mercer (National Alliance of Mental Illness)

Carol’s presentations are available as a keynote (30 - 90 minutes) or as an extended workshop (3 hours)

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