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Mental Health Speeches & Presentations for Healthcare Professionals & Students

Carol Kivler helps professionals and students in the healthcare industry better assist mental health patients.

Through her presentations, she shares her personal experience with four major, intensive bouts of depression; what she needed and continues to need from her family, friends, colleagues, and her treatment team; and how she dealt with the stigma that haunted her for the first eight years of her illness.

Mental Health Recovery Boosters!
The ABCs of Recovery from Mental Illness
The Darkest Moments of Depression
Demystifying ECT: What You Don’t See in the Movies
Don't Tell Anyone I’ve Had ECT - It’s My Secret
The Other Side of Psychosis
Putting the Face of Hope on Depression
Women and Depression

Carol’s presentations are available as a keynote (30 - 90 minutes) or as an extended workshop (3 hours) Click for Flash video sample.

Physicians - Nurses - Psychiatrists - Psychologists - Counselors - PA’s - Medical Students - Researchers - Scientists - Drug Companies


Princeton House Behavioral Health (health care professionals - six facilities)
Abington Hospital (Grand Round presentation)
The Robert Wood Johnson Wellness Center (class)
Seton Hall Nursing School (nursing students)
The College of New Jersey (pre-med students)
Wyeth Research & Development (pharmaceutical scientists and researchers)
Eagleville Hospital (Spring Retreat for Healthcare Professionals)

SELECT TESTIMONIALS (View all testimonials)
“You made our research group realize our work is important and can impact the lives of others. Many times we are caught up in the scientific details and forget the true goal.”
Lee E. Schechter Ph.D., Director, - Depression and Anxiety Research, Wyeth Research

“My students were riveted to their seats. You have opened up their eyes in ways I never could have. Your presentation has changed not only their professional lives, but their personal lives as well.”
Donna A. Gaffney RN, DNSc, FAAN - Seton Hall University

Carol’s presentations are available as a keynote (30 - 90 minutes) or as an extended workshop (3 hours)

For more information contact: Carol Kivler at (609) 882-8988 or email her here.